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From 17h to 18h


O1. Neuropharmacology I

Chair: Julia García, University of Illes Balears


“Dual-specificity Phosphatase Dusp6 Regulates Long-Term Memory and Erk/MAP-Kinase Signaling in Hippocampus” Sindreu, C.
O1.2 "Black Swiss Mice: molecular alterations related to mania-like behavior” Cortés Montero, E.
O1.3 Chronic Δ9-THC administration leads to functional 5HT2A receptors supersensitivity mediated by inhbitory Gi/o proteins in mouse brain cortex” Ibarra-Lecue, I.
O1.4 a2A- and a2C-Adrenoceptors as Significant Targets for Dopamine and Dopamine Receptor Ligands” Casadó-Anguera, V.


O2. Cardiovascular & Smooth Muscle

Chair: María Jesús Alonso, University of Rey Juan Carlos


“Protective effects of PPARβ/δ activation on endothelial dysfunction induced by plasma from lupus patients: Role of endoplasmic reticulum stress” Sánchez, M.
O2.2 “HIV transgene expression induces endothelial dysfunction and Kv7 channel impairment in the pulmonary vasculature” Cogolludo, A.
O2.3 “Senescence and late-onset estrogen therapy promote deleterious effects in common carotid artery of female mice: influence of epigenetic regulation” Costa, T.
O2.4 “Influence of lycopene on metabolic syndrome induced by fructosa in wistar rats” Aparicio, R.


O3. Receptors & Ion Channels

Chair: Jesús Giraldo, Autonomous University of Barcelona


“Histochemical and functional evidence of metabotropic glutamate 5 receptor existence in brain dopaminergic neurons, with modeling of receptor interactions” Ortiz, J.
O3.2 “The p.P888L SAP97 polymorphism shortens the cardiac action potential duration and the QT interval” Delpón, E.
O3.3 “Signaling of the fractalkine receptor CX3CR1 and its natural genetic variants: impact of receptor non-synonymous single nucleotide polymorphisms” García Silva, A.
O3.4 “Rett-like severe encephalopathy caused by a de novo GRIN2B mutation is attenuated by D-serine dietary supplement” Altafaj, X.


O4. Cancer, Pharmacogenomics & Toxicology

Chair: Sergi Mas, University of Barcelona


“Identification of differential kinase off-targets among clinical PARP inhibitors: new opportunities for precision oncology?” Antolin, A.
O4.2 “Actinic keratosis: standard compounds validation in both in vitro and in vivo models.” Armengol, C. 
O4.3 “Pharmacogenomic Alerts in an Electronic Medical History” Simonovich, V.
O4.4 "Drug induced liver injury assessment: acute hepatitis due to hepatitis e virus, a diagnosis to consider" Sanabria, J.




From 17h to 18h


O5. Neuropharmacology II

Chair: Maria Laura Cuffí, University of Barcelona


“Interleukin-1 receptor antagonist (il-1ra) and brain endocannabinoids crosstalk to control neurogenesis” Molina-Holgado, F.
“The mitochondrial angiotensin II subtype-2 receptor expression declines with ageing, and modulates the catecholamine secretion in chromaffin cells” Padín-Nogueira, J.F.
O5.3 “The effect of buspirone on the basal ganglia output nuclei is related to the dopaminergic system integrity in rats” Vegas, S. 
O5.4 “Neuroprotective effect of novel imidazoline I2 receptor ligands in the senescence accelerated mouse prone 8 (SAMP8)” Griñan, C. 


O6. Inflammation

Chair: Francesc Jimenez, Autonomous University of Barcelona


“Suppressor of cytokine signalling 3 (SOCS3) interaction with cavin-1 links SOCS3 function and cavin-1 stability" Lewis Williams, J.J. 
O6.2 "EVOO phenols, Hydroxytyrosol and Hydroxytyrosol Acetate, supressed IL-1β-induced proinflamamtory mediators production in human synovial fibroblasts” Rosillo, M.A.
O6.3 “Evaluation of the anti-inflammatory activity of LXR agonists in in vitro and in vivo models” López, R.
O6.4 “Psoriatic fibroblasts polarize macrophages to a pro-inflammatory phenotype” Montesinos, M.C.


O7. Natural Products & Teaching Pharmacology

Chair: Josep Eladi Baños, Pompeu Fabra University


Topical pre-treatment with a carotenoid from microalgae reduces cutaneous UVB-induced inflammation in hairless mice” Rodrigues-Luna, A. 
O7.2 “Attractive key historical facts as a tool to teach pharmacology” Serés, E. 
O7.3 “Using cinema films as an innovative educational strategy to create meaningful learning in pharmacology teaching” Cabanillas, A. 
O7.4 “The last frontier: Inter professional learning events between dentistry and pharmacy” Durham, L. 


O8. Pain & Ischaemia

Chair: Manel Merlos, Esteve


“Simvastatin blocks soluble SSAO/VAP-1 release in experimental models of cerebral ischemia: possible benefits for stroke-induced inflammation control” Unzeta, M. 
O8.2 “Activation of extracellular signal-regulated kinases (ERK 1/2) in the Locus Coeruleus contributes to pain-related anxiety in arthritic rats” Da Silva, G.
O8.3 “Treatment of neuropathic pain associated to the spared nerve injury model in mice: role of sigma-1 receptors” Bravo Caparrós, I.
O8.4 “Epigenetic mechanisms underlying neuropathic pain in rats” Francés, R.